Hi there!
Thank you for coming visiting my website.
My name is Marie, I am from Paris (France),
I move to USA to join the love of my Life, my husband.
I study Fashion in Paris and acquire
a degree of Event Planner & Designer.
I always been passionate by colors, decoration
and organizing everything.

I created my Event Agency here to live my passion and import the “French touch” for your special event!

I am a great listener and I would love to hear about your dream to make it comes true…
MariEvent is located in Las Vegas
but I also travel for you!

What’s the different between Planner & Designer?
As a “Planner” I will help you to: prepare upstream all the details (find a reception place, flowers, baker, etc.), organize your calendar (sent the invitations, schedule the day, etc.), be present THE day to manage and make sure that everything is on time and ready.
As a “Designer”, I will create, personalize and decorate
for your special Event (balloon arch, floral wall, diner table, candy bar, etc.).